The Bread Problem

I want to convert my bread recipes to weight. I’m finding that it produces a more consistent product.

I’ve found that the scoop and level method can be up to 2 ounces more per cup than the spoon and level method- Thanks to this blog post:

This going to be fun.

For the recipe I found last night for today, I weighed out 12 cups of flour which should have been 1524 grams, but when I looked at the dough, It was so wet that I added another 2 1/2 cups of flour- should have weighed it, but I was mad.

I have a Wheat/Rye Challah recipe that I had to mess around with because the flour volume measurements were too little and the flour weight measurements were too much. The bread wasn’t ruined, but when I made it according to volume it was limp and greasy and when I made it with the weight measurements it was heavy and yeasty.

Recipes up for review:

They are pretty consistent in terms of ratios.  Maybe the best option is to mess with oil type and sweetener type.

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